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Total Strength & Athletic Training

Start working on your total body fitness goals with a strength and athletic training program from LifeStyle Performance & Fitness in Houston, Texas. Coach Lee Williams creates personalized agility drills, footwork exercises, and improves core development to build you up to reach your physical goals. These programs are sports and position specific which are designed to improve your overall performance and health.

Kennedy Wrist & Ankle Weights Bar Lifting

Individualized Work

Each workout is specific to the particular sport for which you are training. Many coaches don't train specific to your position, but Coach Williams makes sure that you are ready for your particular competition situation. His athletic training workouts develop your body and mind to be prepared for practices and game day for football, basketball, baseball, track, tennis, volleyball, wrestling, cheerleading/dance, and even bowling.

Coach Williams encourages communication with each athlete's sports coach to create a program that works in conjunction with the team's goals and vision. He also assists the athlete with the collegiate recruiting process as well as prepares them for the professional arena.  Each training package is broken down into 6, 8, or 12 sessions based on mid-range and/ long-term goals.

Man Lifting Weights - Strength Training

Speed, Power, & Balance

When it comes to increasing your speed, power, and balance, Coach Williams relies on plyometric training, rope drills, abdominal workouts, ladders, bungee drills, tire flipping, and an 22-foot high inflatable training hill.  He incorporates a variety of training exercises and equipment to maximize performance from core drills to aquatic workouts in the pool. This strength training regiment focuses on injury prevention and a complete maintenance program.

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Field & Court Performance

Coach Williams will help prepare you for athletic competition and attend games in order to observe your progress.  He will then modify workouts accordingly to improve performance results.

Summer League, Travel Club, and Middle/High School/Collegiate/Professional team coaches can be confident in knowing that Coach Williams will incorporate and reinforce coaching points that are given in team practices.

Contact Lee Williams to learn more about athletic and strength training sessions for you or your young athlete.

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